Why I subscribe to the YouTube channel of a 7 year old kid

I admit it – I subscribe to the YouTube channel of a 7 year old kid. This “kid” is no kid when it comes to playing the drums though. I can’t get enough of “Avery Drummer” playing covers of songs like “Hot for Teacher” or “Tom Sawyer” – not just because he is technically excellent but more so for the pure joy you can see on his face as he plays. In my view there is nothing more special than when someone is doing what they love and that they were meant to do. As a mediocre drummer at best, you would think I would be jealous that a 7 year old can play far better than I ever could hope to play. The opposite occurs for me though – I sit and watch in awe and don’t think “why can’t I do that” but rather marvel in how much fun he seems to be having. Take a look and see what I mean – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1qg9myFCqw.

As someone who recently took the entrepreneurial plunge to do what I truly love to do, this has even more resonance. While I could never drum like Avery, these first few months of my branching out on my own have shown me that my instinct to follow my passion is proving more fun than I could have ever thought. Am I working more than I ever had before? Yes. But the joy in the work and doing what I love to do is what is making this so exciting for me. As someone whose profession revolves around identifying and attracting great talent for my customers, this is not lost on me one bit. Look around you at the people who are excelling at their jobs or climbing through the ranks of their respective companies. The one common theme is that they found something they are good at and don’t just treat it as their “job” – they have a passion for what they do – and even on the bad days – love doing it. While not all of us can be virtuoso drummers, we can all aspire to do what we love and have passion doing it. If not – what’s the point? Now – back to watching Avery jam out to Rush…..

Posted on September 25, 2014 in Entertainement, Fun, Nerd Stuff, Recruiting

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