#thereisnospoonfriday – Top 5 Movie Heroes!

This is a great time to be a comic and movie dork. With the Avengers: Age of Ultron about to roll into theatres, Batman v. Superman on the horizon (cannot wait!) and TV series like Daredevil and The Flash currently getting good ratings, life in nerdland is good. For this week’s #thereisnospoonfriday, I turn my top 5 list attention on a topic that will surely get my fellow dorks riled up – the Top 5 Movie Heroes of all time. The rules are there are no rules. If you kick butt on screen you are eligible, super powers or not. Reminder – this list is according to me – so don’t hate the player, hate the game. As always, I would love your feedback in the comments section and to hear about your own versions of this list. As McBain on The Simpsons would say if here were playing Radioactive Man – “Up and at them!”



1. Superman – no surprise to anyone who knows me or reads this blog. I am a massive Superman fan (even have a tattoo of the logo). Easily the coolest powers and definitely the most powerful of all superheroes. I often have major “dorkuments” with fellow nerds about supposed challengers who could defeat him, but they all fall flat. Hulk? Nope – all Supes has to do is fly him to space and game over. Thor? Please. Batman? C’mon. No Kryptonite, no chance. My favorite movie about Superman remains Superman II (Zod!) but the comics and other movies (Superman III and IV never existed – OK?) are all great. Extra credit – the Superman theme by John Williams is Epic.



2. Batman – Look – I love Batman. His comics are typically better than most others (Marvel included) and the Batman movies are far and away some of the best ever made. He just can’t edge Superman in my book. The coolest thing about Batman is that he has no powers – he is just a man. A man who is a lethal ninja, certified genius, billionaire and has all the coolest gadgets and vehicles. Tony Stark without the snark. Batman has seen various incarnations over the years, from Campy to weird to brooding, my favorite remains the Bale version (but I do have high hopes for Affleck!).



3. Captain America – I am a sucker for the “good guy” in my heroes. Like Superman, Cap is 100% good through and through – bordering on boy scout level wholesomeness. And that, to me, is cool. Cap has powers technically, but not God-like powers like Superman. He is basically the peak of human limits for performance based on the serum he was given. The fact that a good portion of his story arc takes place during World War II gives his America vs. Nazis/Russians/Anyone not America a bit of even more awesome sauce. I love the recent version in the Avengers and standalone movies by Marvel too.

4. Neo – You saw this coming right? After all, look at the name of my company for Pete’s sake. Neo to me is Superman without the boy scout genetics. All powerful but cool as a cucumber in his ass whoopings, it is a blast to see him become “the one”. The Matrix was such a revolutionary movie when it came out with a really cool concept, but make no mistake – it is a superhero movie, and Neo is that hero. Decked out in all black like a futuristic messiah, he is one bad MF. Extra points for one of my favorite movie villains ever – Agent Smith.

5. Ash Williams– Some of you might be asking “who is Ash Williams”? To those who ask that I highly suggest you watch the “Evil Dead” Trilogy and familiarize yourself with one of the all-time great heroes in movie history. Ash, just a normal dude who goes to a cabin the woods and unwillingly unleashes a demonic army, becomes one of the all-time great ass kickers on film – EVER. Besides his skills with a shotgun, severed hand and chainsaw, his one liners and comedic slant to his antics make him one of the ultimate all-time movie heroes. Lines like “Yo, she-bitch! Let’s go!” and “Groovy” highlight his amazing kills and fights. Cool, but funny at the same time – he is the everyman hero thrust into otherworldly scenarios. Hail to the King, baby.



There you have it – my top 5 favorite movie heroes – super or not. What’s your top 5? Leave yours in the comments section below. Have a great weekend and remember – “there is no spoon”.

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