There is no spoon Friday inaugural post: Top 5 Baseball Movies of all time

Since Fridays are awesome, I thought I would introduce a new feature to the Red Pill Talent blog, “There is no spoon” Fridays. Much like Neo in “The Matrix” had to realize that there was, in fact, no spoon to become “the one”, we too are realizing on Fridays that there is a weekend ahead of us and are able to relax, even for just a little bit. With that in mind, I wanted to start a new Friday feature that is not at all related to the world of talent acquisition, but rather focus on more fun and nerdy things. For my inaugural post, I wanted to tap in to this great time of year we are now entering – baseball season. I am an avid sports fan, especially of all things Boston, and as most of my readers know I am also a huge movie dork. So, in the spirit of combining these two passions, here are my top 5 Baseball movies of all time. As in my prior movie/music posts, this is according to me – not to consensus of critics or box office results. Save your venom for the comments section all you internet trolls out there.


1. The Natural – I have blogged about this movie before with a more business related focus, but this film stands as my all-time favorite sports movie – never mind just baseball. The story of Roy Hobbs – the “best there ever was” is about as epic as any sports movie could ever hope to be. The images are just flat out beautiful (the wheat fields, lightning strikes, ballpark lights smashing) and the story is equally amazing. Destined for greatness but sidelined by tragedy, Roy Hobbs rises from the ashes as a middle aged rookie to claim his rightful destiny. If the final scene doesn’t make you choke up then you might want to check if you have a soul.
2. Field of Dreams – Fathers and sons. Ghosts. Corn fields. Reclusive writers. This isn’t a baseball movie in the classic sense, but baseball is the theme that ties all of these things together. The movie’s main theme is the bond between fathers and sons, and how the simple act of playing catch can do and say more than hours of conversation and years of loving someone ever could. Based on an equally amazing book, the film tugs at the heartstrings of any male who ever played catch with his Dad in the backyard. I admit it – this movie makes me cry every time I watch it when Ray says “Hey Dad – wanna have a catch?”. My wife thinks its hysterical, but to me that scene is one of the most powerful and emotional in movie history.
3. The Bad News Bears – the original misfit team movie, and with a bunch of foul mouthed kids to boot. Watching today in our politically correct climate, it is shocking just how “un-pc” this movie is. Yet – it is undeniably really funny and also incredibly fun to watch. The famous theme music is still burned in my brain, and it reminds anyone who ever played little league about so many good (and bad) memories.
4. Major League – Comedy and baseball together in one hell of a movie. A cast of characters on a horrifically bad Cleveland team rally together against all odds in some of the funniest baseball scenes ever put on film. From Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Charlie Sheen at his apex) to Pedro “Hats for Bats” Cerrano, the list of colorful and truly funny characters you encounter in this movie is beyond amazing. In my opinion, Wesley Snipes steals this movie as “Willie Mays” Hayes, but pick your poison – I would want to hang with any of these Indians any time.
5. The Sandlot – One of the very few movies, regardless of genre, that adults and kids can watch together and be equally entertained. Taking place in a more innocent time in history when kids got together and played sandlot baseball daily, the atmosphere and innocence of the story sucks you in. Throw in the fact that there are some incredibly funny scenes (chewing tobacco at the carnival) and iconic dialogue “You pay ball like a girl!” or “You’re killing me Smalls!” and you have one amazing movie.



So there it is, my top 5 baseball movies. What did I miss? What is your top 5? Would love to hear yours in the comments section. Til next Friday and remember – there is no spoon.

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