The Top 5 Cereals of All Time – #thereisnospoonfriday

As it is a Friday before a holiday/long weekend and most people are already either on route to somewhere cool or getting ready to check out to someplace not work, I didn’t put too much prep into this week’s #thereisnospoonfriday blog post. Yes – I still feel compelled to write one, but this one is going to be a truly half-assed effort, especially after a long (but great) work week. On a side note – where the hell did that expression come from – “half- assed”? Did someone years ago only have one ass cheek and was notoriously lazy too? Anyhow – I had the following debate with some friends and colleagues recently and thought I would discuss this week the very important topic of “The Top 5 Cereals of All Time”. Cereal was my staple food throughout college, and would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner some days. Growing up I was not in one of those homes that forbid sugar cereals – and hated when I would have sleep overs or play sessions with friends whose moms would be in that camp. These moms seemed over the top bananas to me as a kid. I remember one mom used to give us fruit (?!) as snacks and even my buddy (the son of said mom) would cringe in embarrassment. I get why these moms did this (and do currently) but for Pete’s sake kids should have some fun every once in a while too. Anyhow – off my soapbox and on to my list:


5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – just a great cereal – solid, solid pick. The squares of cereal made to look like toast with tons of cinnamon sugar all over them. The bonus was that the sugar would permeate the milk and give you some sort of unholy combination of sugar crystals you could actually see AND taste in the milk as you ate.


4. Boo Berry – One of the “monster” family of cereals, and the first of two on my list. While better than his brother “Frankenberry” still inferior to other sibling Chocula. This is what Lucky Charms aspired to be: a cereal with Marshmallows AND “the other shit” that actually tastes good instead of like horse-feed/granola/grain/cardboard crap. The fact that the milk turns blue gets BIG points.


3. Honey Nut Cheerios – I HATE regular Cheerios, but dammit if the Honey Nut version isn’t fantastic. I don’t have any logical explanation for it. Same shape as regular Cheerios, but the fact that they actually give it a Honey-licious flavor does something to make it an all timer.


2. Count Chocula – Boo Berry’s older brother, and the granddaddy of all marshmallow included cereals. Chocolatey goodness in every bite, as with Boo the “whatever the things besides the marshmallows” actually are GREAT and the bonus that puts it over the top is the chocolate milk after effect that begins a few bites in. Would be number 1 except for….




1. Cocoa Pebbles – the G.O.A.T. – and there is no one even close. Yes, I too love Fruity Pebbles, but much like the “monster” family of cereals, the Chocolate version reigns supreme. These things are like Rice Krispies in style except they are chocolate and tasty as hell. Like Count Chocula, the milk turning to chocolate milk is GREAT but the clincher for Cocoa Pebbles is that every bite, even as sogginess usually clicks in, is fantastic.




Yes – these were all sugar cereals. While I eat none of these today, I will always consider them the greats. No – I did not turn into a “no sugar Nazi” parent, but I am an adult now and realize that while these will always be my true cereal loves I need to at least try to eat healthy these days. What are your favorites? Have a great long weekend everyone and remember – there is no spoon.

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