Comic Con time!

As most of you know by now if you have read anything I have posted, I am a massively unabashed dork. If something has anything to do with my favorite movies, TV shows or toys from my youth I am in 100%. My wife still gets puzzled when I bring home new things (see toys, Superman) or when I insist on buying golf shirts with AT-ATs as the logo. Yep – while I am 42 years old today I revert to 11 years old when it comes to this type of stuff. One of the cool side benefits of this reversion is that I really do get to bond with my kids over these type of things too. As I have written before, watching movies together  and shopping for toys with them is just as enjoyable for me as it is for them. I love seeing them enjoy the things I love for the first time or them asking to see something again that we have already watched 10 times before (Karate Kid, Star Wars, Avengers, etc). That’s why when Comic Con comes to Boston every summer I get really excited. Outside of the fact that it is a blast for me and my fellow nerds, it is just a really special day I get to spend with my kids. For those who have never been, yes – it is incredibly nerdy. However, if you can get past the “I am too cool” attitude you will find it to be a ton of fun. Picture the biggest Halloween party you have ever seen, with people in costumes that clearly have taken sometimes months to prepare. Imagine a conference hall full of the toys you used to play with as a kid and new stuff that makes you realize the toys you had as a kid suck compared to this new stuff. Picture lots of great things to buy. You get to meet incredible artists and view their work, sit in the Batmobile or visit Jabba’s palace. Even better – you get to actually meet and take photos with the stars of the TV shows or movies you grew up watching or are watching currently. Not bad for a day in the city, right? The Boston Comic Con is this weekend, and if you can get tickets still online I highly recommend it. You might not be a dork like me for this stuff, but if you have kids they will thank you 10 ways from Sunday if you take them. To give you a glimpse, I thought I would share with you some photos of recent visits, some personal favorite memories and what you can expect.



Even up close, the Stormtroopers have lousy aim

Ed stormtrooper

OK – this guy even gave me the creeps. Check out the look on the lady behind him 🙂

weird dude

That Jawa costume was amazing. Dude stayed in character the whole time and had a voice box thing in “Jawa-ese”.




Batman smiling? Creepily?

Batman smiling

The kiddos in the TV Batboat!


My son and his buddies chilling with Jabba


That time the Nathansons met John Kreese, Sensei of The Cobra Kai


Meeting “Non” from Superman II (only my favorite superhero movie EVER)


Checking out the Tim Burton version of The Batmobile


Boba Fett taking my kids and their friends back to collect his bounty


Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid (ultimate 80s villain – super nice guy in person. Major geek out moment for me. Major.)

Johnny kids

My son Jack chilling in the TV Batmobile – Boom! Pow!

Original batmobile

Jack in front of the Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters. Tell him about the Twinkie, Ray.

Ecto 1

Meeting Balki from “Perfect Strangers” with my kids and their cousins. Note – the mustache is because of “Movember”. I am creepy – just not this creepy.


Getting put in the “Cobra Clutch” by Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt Slaughter

Jack in front of the “Vigo” painting from Ghostbusters II


Cosplay with The Thing and Susan Storm (Fantastic 4). Best. Thing. Costume. Ever.

Fantastic 4

Me and Cap


Meeting boyhood hero Rowdy Roddy Piper!

Roddy Piper

Meeting the dude who played Prince Humperdink in the Princess Bride with my daughter Brooke



Can’t wait to see what happens this year, but more importantly, I can’t wait to have a fun day with my family. Have a great week!

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