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A LinkedIn Talent Connect Photo Recap

Just got back to Boston after an incredible few days at the LinkedIn Talent Connect conference in San Francisco. I had the amazing opportunity to be the host of the Live Stream for the folks watching at home. As a major fan of all things Talent Acquisition and someone who loves to see what others…

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“We’re not in Boston anymore, Nomahhh”

I recently was visiting a client in Silicon Valley (stay tuned for more on them in future posts) and had the opportunity to visit LinkedIn HQ and the nearby Google HQ. Now – a bit of background first. I was born in Boston and worked almost all of my professional career on the east coast…

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Don’t judge me! Understanding bias in the interview process

We would all like to think that when we meet or interview people that we all go in with a clean slate in our minds – open to anything and everyone until proven otherwise. The reality is – even though most of us don’t want to admit it- that we have biases that come in…

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Tips for Talent Connect – Movie Edition

This will be my fifth time attending LinkedIn’s Talent Connect conference. Unlike a lot of my peers, I am able to only attend a few select industry conferences a year, and this one is always a “must attend” in my mind. They are always filled with great learning opportunities, awesome networking with some really smart…

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Making the Leap: How to best position yourself in the application process

I was at a get together recently and a friend asked me the best way to apply for a job. This person has been in a role for some time now, with little career growth opportunity and he had seen a position come available that would be a step up for him career wise, but…

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Why I just left one of the best jobs I ever had

As someone who has worked in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources for 20 years, I have had thousands of conversations about career choices. Conversations about career plans, ambitions, fears, financial concerns, family goals and personal goals – all and many more concerns have been touched on in these discussions I have had with people in…

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