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Massachusetts Becomes First State Ever To Ban Employers From Asking For Salary Histories (And what it could mean for recruiting)

The news spread pretty quickly in the recruiting circles yesterday that my home state, Massachusetts, just passed a bill that will ban employers from asking for salary history from prospective candidates. Confusion came over a lot of our industry, especially those from the Commonwealth, as most recruiters are taught from day one to do this…

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What to do when you immediately recognize your new job is a bad fit

Growing up, I was a big cereal kid – and I LOVED me some Cocoa Pebbles. Sweet, delicious (definitely not nutritious) and the chocolate milk action as you ate it was the topper. I would eat that stuff morning, noon and night if my parents would have let me. But yet, as much as I…

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Debunking the counteroffer mythology according to recruiters

From a recruiter’s perspective, we have been taught since day one of our careers to demonize the counteroffer. It was as if the recruitment industry as a whole got together at the dawn of time and invented the “Counteroffer Boogeyman” that all of us were told scary stories about around the campfire and none of…

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