What’s in it for me?

As someone whose gig is working with companies on attracting and retaining people, I get to see many different environments, perspectives and viewpoints on this topic in companies around the world and across many verticals. Universal among them is the desire to attract “in demand” talent and to retain them as well. These organizations know…

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I really don’t like Starbucks

I was recently going to a business meeting in Boston on a very hot day. Like the Braniac that I am, I decided black was the color to wear that morning and I was paying the price for that decision on this hot afternoon as I walked down Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay. For…

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The Secret to Engaging, Hiring and Retaining Millennials Part Two – New Data Shows THIS….

that they are human beings like any other person regardless of when they were born. This was just click bait BS like every other article out there professing they have all the answers to Millennials like they are some secret society or new form of human being that needs to be researched in labs.  …

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Generation Labels are BS

I was born in the early 1970s – which I guess makes me “Generation X”. While the name sounds cool (Do I get Mutant Powers too?) – I hate the idea of generation labels like Bill Belichick hates reporters asking dumb questions – which is to say I hate them A LOT. I never understood…

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Getting Back Up

It started with putting on my socks. A simple act we all do everyday changed my life. As I bent over after a shower to put on a sock, my back felt like it exploded. I screamed in pain, and my h̶e̶r̶o̶ wife came running, kids not far behind. I was in agony – and…

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How “I don’t know you” impacts your candidate engagement

Thank the Lord for caller ID. I probably get at least 2 – 3 calls a day from “unknown” or some crazy number or name I don’t recognize and thank the technology gods for this gift of not answering the phone every time these spammers call my house. No, I am not interested in your…

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Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth”? If so, get me off the planet.

I just got back a few weeks ago from Disney World. We were there as a family celebrating my older brother’s 50th birthday (love that guy). My kids were pumped to go, as were my brother and his family, his friends and my parents were as just about anyone else usually is who ever decides…

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Cats, Lasers and your Job Postings

A lot of attention in recent years has been put on employer branding – and rightfully so. In a world where candidates today have more options than in recent memory, they also now have more information available to them about prospective employers than ever before. There have been countless studies and posts written about the…

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Ranking the Star Wars Movies

Anyone who knows me or reads any of my stuff knows that I am a HUGE Star Wars dork. As a kid, these movies were more than just “movies” to me – they were my toys, my heroes, my villains and when each new one came out were “mark your calendar and wait in lines”…

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The secret to engaging, hiring and retaining Millennials

Treat them like you would anyone else you give a crap about.       The End.       *** This post was sponsored by The Association of Professionals Begging People to Stop Posting Articles about Millennials.      

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