Don’t be a robot!

Yes – this is a blog about technology from a guy who has been in Talent Acquisition for some time now. Don’t worry – I am not going to be one of those guys who harkens back to the days of when we used to have file cabinets stacked with resumes, advertised in the newspaper…

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“No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher”

Within the span of a few hours today, I found myself talking with someone I consider a mentor and then having a conversation with someone who has been seeking my advice (God help this person). It got me thinking about the whole “mentor” relationship in general, which then of course led me to thinking about…

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Why I just left one of the best jobs I ever had

As someone who has worked in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources for 20 years, I have had thousands of conversations about career choices. Conversations about career plans, ambitions, fears, financial concerns, family goals and personal goals – all and many more concerns have been touched on in these discussions I have had with people in…

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