Back to the Future- a look at Talent Acquisition in 2020

I don’t need 1.21 gigawatts and a time machine made out of a Delorean to reflect on what has been easily the most amazing year personally in my career. I left one of the best jobs I ever had to start my own business, Red Pill Talent ( The launch went great, and the customers I am working with are beyond amazing. But this is not a sentimental “looking back” blog post. No – I am putting some banana peels, empty beverage cans and other assorted compost into the flux capacitor and looking forward. Not to next year, but several years down the road and into what I predict to be the most pressing changes in 2020 for the world of Talent Acquisition. Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads….

1. Recruiting teams will no longer sit under the “Human Resources” function – I think this should have already happened IMHO, but I believe it will slowly happen over the next few years.
2. Technology will be king (and that’s not a good thing) – A multi-billion dollar industry is sprouting up around sourcing, attracting and engaging with talent. Already there is quite a segmentation occurring in tools today (social, referral tools, video interviewing etc.). My concern – too much automation results in less personal engagement. I believe the decision of taking a new role is a deeply personal and emotional one and the right technology solutions will embrace this. If not, we will all be T-1000s.
3. A new mindset will be adopted around “experience” – The talent pool will be ever more competitive as new tools and technologies continue to emerge in the workforce. In order to innovate and keep up with skills demand, companies will no longer think they need to hire based on experience alone and will embrace hiring for potential and fit as opposed to resume. (Attention comment trolls – I know that this happens some places today – but I think this will be more embraced broadly in the future – by necessity. Happy trolling!)
4. Speaking of resumes – kiss them goodbye – sites like LinkedIn and others have already begun this trend, but I believe the resume as we know it today will be completely digitized and changed from the format we know today over the coming years. I would love to see video truly embraced here – where the “resume” becomes a video profile as a whole – allowing companies to see beyond just the words on a paper and allowing them to really meet the person behind the CV.
5. The workplace will become predominantly virtual – while some companies have embraced this more than others, I believe that the majority of companies in the future will look at this from several potential benefits: work/life balance for employees, deepening the talent pool available to them (no more geographical limitations), less overhead expenses for real estate, etc.
6. The United States will catch up with the rest of the world on vacation – Like Hulk Hogan, “I am a real American” but I am embarrassed by our view on vacation versus the rest of the world. I believe that we will finally learn from our overseas brethren that 3 – 4 weeks vacation a year is not OK, and that we will have had a changed view on “accruing” vacation, actually start to have the term “sabbatical” as part of our lingo, and understand the concept that so many other countries do – that our job is not our lives.


These are just a few of things I have seen happening on my trip with Doc Brown into the future. However – as we all know, it only takes one Biff or Marty to change the course of history. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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