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How “I don’t know you” impacts your candidate engagement

Thank the Lord for caller ID. I probably get at least 2 – 3 calls a day from “unknown” or some crazy number or name I don’t recognize and thank the technology gods for this gift of not answering the phone every time these spammers call my house. No, I am not interested in your…

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Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth”? If so, get me off the planet.

I just got back a few weeks ago from Disney World. We were there as a family celebrating my older brother’s 50th birthday (love that guy). My kids were pumped to go, as were my brother and his family, his friends and my parents were as just about anyone else usually is who ever decides…

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Cats, Lasers and your Job Postings

A lot of attention in recent years has been put on employer branding – and rightfully so. In a world where candidates today have more options than in recent memory, they also now have more information available to them about prospective employers than ever before. There have been countless studies and posts written about the…

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