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Recruiters – we are over-thinking things

Recruiting sure has come a long way over the last two decades. New technologies, new industries and whole lot of new fancy titles (let’s please kill the whole “ninja” thing, please?). I love the fact that I am constantly seeing new ways of doing what we do explored, whether through new strategies or new software…

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Top 5 TV shows of all time #thereisnospoonfriday

For this week’s #thereisnospoonfriday, I reached out to my brother for inspiration. I have been fortunate enough to be spending the week in his beautiful vacation home in Naples, FL. Being my brother, of course we engaged in a lot of spirited debates over the week about everything sports and pop culture. My love for…

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#thereisnospoonfriday – Top 5 Movie Heroes!

This is a great time to be a comic and movie dork. With the Avengers: Age of Ultron about to roll into theatres, Batman v. Superman on the horizon (cannot wait!) and TV series like Daredevil and The Flash currently getting good ratings, life in nerdland is good. For this week’s #thereisnospoonfriday, I turn my…

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There is no spoon Friday inaugural post: Top 5 Baseball Movies of all time

Since Fridays are awesome, I thought I would introduce a new feature to the Red Pill Talent blog, “There is no spoon” Fridays. Much like Neo in “The Matrix” had to realize that there was, in fact, no spoon to become “the one”, we too are realizing on Fridays that there is a weekend ahead…

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Debunking the counteroffer mythology according to recruiters

From a recruiter’s perspective, we have been taught since day one of our careers to demonize the counteroffer. It was as if the recruitment industry as a whole got together at the dawn of time and invented the “Counteroffer Boogeyman” that all of us were told scary stories about around the campfire and none of…

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