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The top 5 movies of all time according to this movie geek

A lot of readers have commented since I started my blog that I tend to reference a lot of movies in my talent acquisition posts. This is of course very true – and intentional. I believe most of what is out there today in the recruiting blogosphere is way too dry and not entertaining. Great…

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How not to suck at candidate experience

A friend of mine recently entered the job market after not having looked for a job in 5 years. She had reached out to me for some advice and we got to talking about her experiences thus far. While I know that “candidate experience” is a big term these days in the world of Talent…

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There is no “super suit” handbook. What recruiters can learn from “The Greatest American Hero”

“With great power comes great responsibility” In the movie “Spiderman”, Uncle Ben gives Peter Parker (Spiderman) this sound advice. While he was not aware Peter Parker was indeed Spiderman, Peter learns a valuable lesson from this quote – that while these powers are an amazing gift they also now come with an obligation to use…

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(Insert Controversial Blog Title Here)

Small but brief rant. I am an avid reader, and I particularly love that LinkedIn has opened its publishing rights to everyone and anyone. While not all professional writers (myself included – I would call myself a “hobbyist” at best), I love reading the perspectives and commentary on issues of the day from people in…

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