What separates good companies from great companies? Talent – plain and simple. Without the right talent, even the best laid plans can crumble. Talent is the foundation upon which success is either achieved or denied.  Today’s climate is incredibly competitive for hiring and retention. Countless articles talk about the “War for Talent”. Companies are moving to new locations, spending well above market conditions, handing out massive sign-on bonuses, relying on staffing firms with large costs and relocating people across continents to attract, hire and retain top talent.

What if there was a way to stand out in this crowded field that attracted the right talent to your company, while doing it faster and less expensive than most companies could ever think of doing? Take the Red Pill and see what is possible.


Building a recruiting function? Looking to ween off agency spend? Want to refine and amplify your effectiveness and processes? Struggling with interviewing skills and need help assessing the right talent beyond just experience and resumes?  We can help – big time. 


Over 20 years of recruitment experience in bringing the best talent to the organizations we have worked for. C Level, Technical, Finance, you name it. We do not believe in putting “butts in seats” – this is our passion.  We offer several solutions to your hiring needs.  


It is critical to have a Talent team that is trained on interviewing best practices, assessing talent and all aligned to your corporate vision.  We love to help organizations learn how to handle all aspects of Talent and Interviewing. 

Amplify Employment Brand

Employment Brand is the name of the game these days. In a crowded landscape of compelling opportunities and a scarcity of talent available, it is essential to have an employment brand that speaks to your core values while building passionate fans of your organization. I have helped build out world class brands with minimal cost and high effectiveness.


We help great companies come to the good side of the force and join the rebel alliance.

— Ed Nathanson —

Speaking Engagements

ERE Recruiting Conference 

Washington, DC

October 14 – 16, 2019


MassBio Employer Branding Forum

Boston, MA

October 22, 2019


I love sharing my experiences and helping people learn new things. Let’s chat about your needs.


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What our clients say

  • Ed is amazing. Period. I was fortunate to work with him at Rapid7 and based on that experience I leapt at the chance to be his first customer when he started Red Pill Talent. He’s incredibly passionate, creative, smart, insightful and just plain fun to work with. I could go on but to preserve some shred of Ed’s trademark humility I’ll stop now. He built a terrific team for us at Rapid7 that allowed us to hire top talent and was one of the keys to our success there. Both there and at Red Pill he’s really innovating in how companies can create an employer brand and attract hard to find talent in today’s insane hiring markets with some out of the box and wildly effective strategies. If you have a chance to work with Ed in any capacity my advice is to RUN NOT WALK to take advantage of it.

    — Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend —
  • Ed is the best! Ed is the most passionate person I know when it comes to Employment Branding and Talent Acquisition. I’ve known Ed since we worked together at Rapid7 years ago. When I joined CloudLock I knew Ed was the person we needed to take CloudLock from an unknown company to the Number 1 Cloud Startup to Work for based on Forbes Magazine. Ed is a great team player and collaborator and really focuses on the unique values and benefits of working at your specific company. Ed is extremely creative and an outside of the box thinker as it relates to helping you bring out the best in your employment brand looking for the factors that make your company unique. I didn’t realize how big his impact is on the Talent Acquisition world until I was fortunate enough to be on a panel with him at TalentConnect. Ed is among the best in the trade and anyone who would be fortunate enough to tap into Ed and Red Pill Talent will see returns in spades while having a lot of fun at the same time!

    — Bernd Leger, CMO, CloudLock —
  • I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ed for the past 4 months on our talent branding strategy. He’s awesome! He brings tons of energy and passion to everything he does. He really took the time to listen to our needs and learn our industry before jumping in and recommending a strategy. His “can do” attitude is contagious and he really inspired our team to step out of our comfort zone. His suggestions & recommendations are all very reasonable. His approach is very thoughtful and considerate. It’s been a true pleasure working with Ed!

    — Wendy Durkin, Director Talent Acquisition at Foundation Medicine —
  • Ed has been amazing in his work with Cisco. The result has been almost immediate, with us landing on top company lists we never were on before and accelerating our followership in leaps and bounds. He has also done a great job of capability building in the social media space with our recruiters.

    — Jill Larsen, Vice President, Human Resources Services HR, Talent Acquisition, People Planning at Cisco —

Most companies play it “safe”. “Safe” is vanilla, “safe” does nothing. It doesn’t attract, it doesn’t repel, it inspires nothing.

— Ed Nathanson —

About Ed Nathanson

Logo ed face No background

Logo ed face No background

My goal is to make your company awesome by enabling you to hire the best possible talent. I have spent my 20 plus year career developing and building highly effective, cost saving and internationally recognized hiring and employment branding functions and teams for start-ups, large international enterprise companies and everywhere in between.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do. I truly believe talent is the most critical piece to any companies’ success. Even the most revolutionary idea in the world is nothing without the right people to drive and build it. I do not take the “this is how it has always been done” approach to my work. I am a big believer that each organization has it’s own special needs, core values and cultural distinctions that require a different solution that meets their own specific requirements to determine success.  Throughout my career I have prided myself on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Talent Acquisition and delivering outstanding results.

If you are a “Blue Pill” thinker about talent, we are not for you.
If you take the “Red Pill” – buckle in and let’s transform your talent plan together.

How about Some Fun Facts?

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Some personal notes:

I am a proud graduate of Ithaca College (Go Bombers!), Massive Superman and Star Wars nerd, love Boston Sports and my favorite movie of all time is The Karate Kid (the original, not the remake). I am also the proud father of two great kids and husband to an amazing wife.

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