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Do we have to have a “prime” in our careers?

I just had a major “I am getting old” moment. I was reading a list of “The Top 25 Songs of 2014” and as I browsed through their list it was not so subtly dawning on me that I didn’t know any of these songs. Not a single one. These were apparently major hits this…

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Talent does not equal experience

One consistent theme in my career wherever I have been is what an early mentor of mine used to (tongue in cheek) call the “Bo Derek syndrome”. I know I am dating myself with that reference, so for all you younger generation folks it is a reference to the movie “10”. In short, the lead…

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Loyalty goes both ways – what we can learn from Jon Lester about employee retention

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, the news last night of Jon Lester signing with the Chicago Cubs stung. A lot. My first reaction as a fan was to place the blame squarely on Lester himself. “We drafted him!” and “we treated him so well when he was here, what happened to loyalty?” were some…

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Why I don’t care about some short term stints on a resume – and why you shouldn’t either

Years ago when I started my career in Talent Acquisition, one of the first “lessons” I was taught was to look at the time period of how long someone stayed at a company on their resume. The prevailing thought was that if the person was 1 – 2 years at a company a few different…

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Interviewing Tips – Halloween Edition

For those of you who read my posts, you know that while I like sharing a lot of tips and tricks I have learned over the years, I just cannot do it without incorporating some sort of geeky passion of mine. As it is Halloween time and I am a massive horror movie fan, I…

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“The Natural”

In the film “The Natural”, the character Roy Hobbs has a promising early career and then, through unfortunate circumstances out of his control, loses that career for a good chunk of what would be considered his “prime” only to return as a much older “rookie” in a world that on the surface seems to have…

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