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Why We Buy (and Employment Branding)

Putting aside the essentials in life (food, medicine, etc.) I am constantly fascinated with why we buy things. For example: I had recently spent the weekend with some friends from out of town, and they immediately started asking me about my Apple watch. “Do you like it?” “What does it do that your phone can’t?”…

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We recruiters have a tough reputation these days. Google “ Recruiters are” and see the top results that come up. Ouch. Ask your friends and colleagues about their experiences with recruiters and see what they have to say. Double Ouch. I am sure to most of the non-recruiter world, the image they conjure up when…

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You aren’t a “ninja”

RANT WARNING! (What follows is a stream of thought rant about job titles and the silliness that has transpired with them over the last few years. If you call yourself a ninja, guru, Jedi or something similar you might want to leave right now) Still here? Excellent. Then I assume you, like me, think this…

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Debunking the counteroffer mythology according to recruiters

From a recruiter’s perspective, we have been taught since day one of our careers to demonize the counteroffer. It was as if the recruitment industry as a whole got together at the dawn of time and invented the “Counteroffer Boogeyman” that all of us were told scary stories about around the campfire and none of…

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The mystery of “culture fit”

The Sphinx in Egypt. Stonehenge. The popularity of the “Twilight” movies. All great mysteries, but the biggest mystery in the world of Talent Acquisition has always been “culture fit”. Lots of people think they know what it means and how to identify it, but as the great Inigo Montoya in “The Princess Bride” so eloquently…

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Talent does not equal experience

One consistent theme in my career wherever I have been is what an early mentor of mine used to (tongue in cheek) call the “Bo Derek syndrome”. I know I am dating myself with that reference, so for all you younger generation folks it is a reference to the movie “10”. In short, the lead…

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