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The secret to engaging, hiring and retaining Millennials

Treat them like you would anyone else you give a crap about.       The End.       *** This post was sponsored by The Association of Professionals Begging People to Stop Posting Articles about Millennials.      

Massachusetts Becomes First State Ever To Ban Employers From Asking For Salary Histories (And what it could mean for recruiting)

The news spread pretty quickly in the recruiting circles yesterday that my home state, Massachusetts, just passed a bill that will ban employers from asking for salary history from prospective candidates. Confusion came over a lot of our industry, especially those from the Commonwealth, as most recruiters are taught from day one to do this…

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Employee Retention and Hiring – “Love the One You’re With” first

Don’t be angry, don’t be sad Don’t sit crying over good times you’ve had Well there’s a girl sitting right next to you And she’s just waiting for something to do Well there’s a rose in a fisted glove And the eagle flies with the dove And if you can’t be with the one you…

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Why Long Term stints on a Resume are NOT a bad thing – the latest recruiting bias debunked

A while back, I posted a blog about “Why I Don’t Care About Short Term Stints on a Resume” and the response was all over the place from readers. Some people giving me a “Right on Ed!” and others thinking I just drank a fifth of Jack Daniels when I wrote it, with one person…

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Should You Hire a Friend?

As someone who has worked in Recruiting and HR for 20 years now (damn that made me feel old just typing that) I have seen a ton of equally crazy and awesome stuff. When your “product” is people, you can bet there is always something that will happen that will either a) surprise you b)…

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It’s conference season – a look forward and a photographic look back

Its that time of year again – Talent Acquisition conference season. I will be attending a couple this year as is my standard plan. I truly wish I could go to more of these but alas work and schedules don’t allow for it. On a side note – I am truly jealous of what I…

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The customer (candidate) experience matters – #wecandobetter

It finally happened after years of avoiding it. I was getting out of my car this weekend and as the door opened my iPhone went flying out of my hands. In what seemed like slow motion, it hurtled up and down as I leaped (literally) out of my car and dove to try to catch…

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Top 5 Beers of All Time – #thereisnospoonfriday

This week’s #thereisnospoonfriday is thirsty. Thirsty for a great beer. I am not much of a wine guy, but definitely can enjoy a good glass (or several) every now and then. I am definitely not a hard alcohol type either – too many tough nights in college with Tequila or Vodka has kept me away…

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What to do when you immediately recognize your new job is a bad fit

Growing up, I was a big cereal kid – and I LOVED me some Cocoa Pebbles. Sweet, delicious (definitely not nutritious) and the chocolate milk action as you ate it was the topper. I would eat that stuff morning, noon and night if my parents would have let me. But yet, as much as I…

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Why We Buy (and Employment Branding)

Putting aside the essentials in life (food, medicine, etc.) I am constantly fascinated with why we buy things. For example: I had recently spent the weekend with some friends from out of town, and they immediately started asking me about my Apple watch. “Do you like it?” “What does it do that your phone can’t?”…

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