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Ranking the Rocky Movies

I am and always will be a huge fan of the “Rocky” movies. Ever since I was a kid, these movies have given me more “goosebump moments” than any other films I have loved. When I had kids, I made it a point to introduce them to these movies as early as possible, not only…

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The Top 5 Zombie Movies of All Time

Ever since I was a little kid and watched “Night of The Living Dead” for the first time, I have been #teamzombies. I know to most people the concept of Zombies doesn’t seem very scary, but to this dude they were absolutely terrifying. I used to have recurring nightmares about Zombies, and they most definitely…

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Research shows that THIS is the best way to Attract and Retain Gen Z employees

To treat them (like any other BS generational term used these days) like real living and breathing human beings. Everyone is an individual with their own goals, drives and aspirations which are most definitely not defined by what year they were born in. Proceed accordingly.     That’s it.     *Sponsored by the Association…

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The Top 5 Movie Characters Who Will Kill You (And Everyone Else In The Room)

It has been way too long since my last “list” post. To those of you who care, it has not been because I didn’t want to write. Really it came down to being busy as hell and also a bit “uninspired” by a topic to write about. That all changed after my son and I…

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The Secret to Engaging, Hiring and Retaining Millennials Part Two – New Data Shows THIS….

that they are human beings like any other person regardless of when they were born. This was just click bait BS like every other article out there professing they have all the answers to Millennials like they are some secret society or new form of human being that needs to be researched in labs.  …

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The secret to engaging, hiring and retaining Millennials

Treat them like you would anyone else you give a crap about.       The End.       *** This post was sponsored by The Association of Professionals Begging People to Stop Posting Articles about Millennials.      

Rotten Tomatoes – Bite me

If you have been reading any of my stuff over the years, you know by now that I am a massive movie geek. I love all kinds of movies – classic, sci-fi, westerns, sports, animated, you name it and I bet I can rattle off a few of the genre that I am a fan…

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Recruitment videos don’t have to suck

More and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of employment branding to their recruitment efforts. If you are reading my stuff, then I am going to assume by now you “get” what employment branding is and the impact it can have on attracting candidates to your company. While it is definitely exciting to…

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The Top 10 Debut Albums of All Time – #thereisnospoonfriday

I know, I know – where the hell you been Ed? It has been sometime since my last #thereisnospoonfriday and I have three “excuses”. 1) – I had a bad back for a while there (long story – totally sucked ), 2) Been really busy with work stuff and 3) creative brain-freeze (hey – it…

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Dear skiing – I hate you

Growing up in Massachusetts, I have definitely had more winters than I can handle. I am not, nor ever will be, a “snow” guy. Yet, for some reason I cannot comprehend, I CHOOSE to live in this shit. Every winter I usually have my moment (or one hundred) where I seriously contemplate what life is…

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