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Time to kill the “passive candidate” mentality

Companies seem to really like pain these days. How else can you explain this nonsensical current fascination with “passive candidates”? It doesn’t take Nostradumus to predict what happens when companies take the stance of “we must have passive candidates and active candidates are not what we are ideally looking for”. The result is a lot…

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Employment Branding is the new black – but are companies missing the point?

I am amazed every day at the new found relevance employment branding is seeing in the corporate world. Three years ago the very term “employment branding” would have elicited confused glares or marketing department snickers. Today, there is literally an entire industry sprouting up around it. Every day I am seeing articles and blog posts…

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Why I don’t care about some short term stints on a resume – and why you shouldn’t either

Years ago when I started my career in Talent Acquisition, one of the first “lessons” I was taught was to look at the time period of how long someone stayed at a company on their resume. The prevailing thought was that if the person was 1 – 2 years at a company a few different…

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There is no “super suit” handbook. What recruiters can learn from “The Greatest American Hero”

“With great power comes great responsibility” In the movie “Spiderman”, Uncle Ben gives Peter Parker (Spiderman) this sound advice. While he was not aware Peter Parker was indeed Spiderman, Peter learns a valuable lesson from this quote – that while these powers are an amazing gift they also now come with an obligation to use…

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Don’t be a robot!

Yes – this is a blog about technology from a guy who has been in Talent Acquisition for some time now. Don’t worry – I am not going to be one of those guys who harkens back to the days of when we used to have file cabinets stacked with resumes, advertised in the newspaper…

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Why I just left one of the best jobs I ever had

As someone who has worked in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources for 20 years, I have had thousands of conversations about career choices. Conversations about career plans, ambitions, fears, financial concerns, family goals and personal goals – all and many more concerns have been touched on in these discussions I have had with people in…

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