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What to do when you immediately recognize your new job is a bad fit

Growing up, I was a big cereal kid – and I LOVED me some Cocoa Pebbles. Sweet, delicious (definitely not nutritious) and the chocolate milk action as you ate it was the topper. I would eat that stuff morning, noon and night if my parents would have let me. But yet, as much as I…

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Why We Buy (and Employment Branding)

Putting aside the essentials in life (food, medicine, etc.) I am constantly fascinated with why we buy things. For example: I had recently spent the weekend with some friends from out of town, and they immediately started asking me about my Apple watch. “Do you like it?” “What does it do that your phone can’t?”…

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We recruiters have a tough reputation these days. Google “ Recruiters are” and see the top results that come up. Ouch. Ask your friends and colleagues about their experiences with recruiters and see what they have to say. Double Ouch. I am sure to most of the non-recruiter world, the image they conjure up when…

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Why I don’t care about some short term stints on a resume – and why you shouldn’t either

Years ago when I started my career in Talent Acquisition, one of the first “lessons” I was taught was to look at the time period of how long someone stayed at a company on their resume. The prevailing thought was that if the person was 1 – 2 years at a company a few different…

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How not to suck at candidate experience

A friend of mine recently entered the job market after not having looked for a job in 5 years. She had reached out to me for some advice and we got to talking about her experiences thus far. While I know that “candidate experience” is a big term these days in the world of Talent…

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